Death Cadenza: An Exercise On Me Writing A Death Game

They’re named “Bandages” and “Glasses” because I can’t come up with good ones at the moment. It is 1AM where I’m at, writing this post. Also, I drew these.

Before Dangan Ronpa, there was almost every popular dystopian YA novel that would eventually get a movie adaptation. Before the YA novels, there was Survivor. Before that, I don’t really know what was hot during the time, and I made up everything said beforehand.

The point is, I’m sure my neighbors and my cousins twice removed have at some point wanted to write a death game, and I’m no exception. Did I mention that my current favorite “death game” game to watch a playthrough of is Your Turn To Die?

Anyway, Death Cadenza is a game I’d love to write. I’m intending for it to be short, mostly to make up for the fact that there’s a lot of different ways to approach certain plot points. All of the characters portrayed in this game will be 18 and above, and they’ll be happy to prove it with their identification.

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Let’s Talk About Guys in H!

What better way to start off an opinions/ideas/life/whatever anime-themed blog than to speak about one of the unspeakables at family dinner tables!

If people can recognize what follows after this legendary image, then they’ll know exactly what kind of H I’m talking about.

Even the URL tells me the stars have aligned.
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If people are reading this blog out of curiosity, then I apologize. I don’t really pride myself on being an authority on media, let alone someone who’s gotten high scores in their literature classes. However, I’ve gotten pretty sick of doomscrolling on Twitter and trying to make myself look just a bit more credible not linking Tumblr, so I’m here now. Call me Orange.

I have opinions, creative ideas because I’m an artist and a beginning writer, and I have a need to wax poetic on the mundane side of the world. I think this WordPress would be a great start to do so, as I can even act like I have an audience without the actual numbers. I need to word myself better, so this is also an exercise of sorts.

What’s up with “Bitter Orange Boat”? I like alliteration. I like bitter oranges and the color orange. I call this blog a “boat” than say something clever and cute like the “Tangerine Submarine” because I don’t think I’ll be as deep as any of the other, way more clever ones on this site of the internet.