PunterNet’s Poorest

Trust me, there’s context here.

Ah, PunterNet. It’s an incredibly popular website and one of the very few long-runners. hosting reviews of escorts in the United Kingdom. I like scouring the site not to get turned on, but to try to find the best in terms of crafting an entire narrative to immerse the reader in the experience. Basically, I want to find PunterNet’s writers.

But also, I want to find the worst there ever was. Boasting over thousands of reviews over the course of its life, I’m sure there’s a few outliers out there. Now, sex is supposed to be a fun, consensual, and safe activity. This is not to promote anything but those experiences, but to simply highlight the strange and bizarre that could be reported on this website.

…Also, my post “Let’s Talk About Guys in H” seems to be popular. So I know whoever visits my blog is only here for the hentai, clearly.

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Pokemon Fangames & The Open World

From Pointcrow‘s video. This ends badly.

Pokemon Legends Arceus was a decent game.

After being tired out from battling gimmicks I didn’t bother to use, to traveling back and forth between towns trying to find the one nondescript NPC who had a specific TM, and becoming more apathetic to the constant exposure of Kanto Pokemon, I may or may not have a bias towards Arceus. It removed most of the things I found to be fluff. Dynamaxing and mega-evolutions had nice appearance-changes, but they hardly turned the competitive scene upside-down. Z-moves were just moves but stronger at the cost of holding an item, and I skipped the animations after a while after getting bored with them. Arceus on the other hand also spoiled me on quality-of-life features like doing away with the EV and IV system in favor of Effort Levels.

Of course, I can’t fully appreciate the game if I didn’t have gripes with Arceus. With Pokemon Scarlet and Violet coming in the same year (it’s quite cool how Arceus has a Mystery Gift feature when there’s barely anything on it aside from Pokeballs), it’ll take a bit for Gamefreak to tilt my head backwards, thank me for my low expectations, and have me gargle Arceus but now battles are mandatory again. I craved open world games, see, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge the lasting effects that Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild had on open world games. I’ll admit it before anyone else does: Pokemon but Breath of the Wild has left me craving more like the filthy casual that I am.

Then I had a moment of clarity in that “oh, right, fangames exist”.

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Future Posts

Aka, “here’s just some things I want to word vomit about that no one cares about but hey this is a WordPress blog so what am I going to lose” list:

  • Why Your Turn to Die (キミガシネ) Makes Me Love Life
  • How 2D Pokemon Fangames Approach “Open World”
  • Fucking Around & Finding Out in Cube Wo- I Mean Veloren
  • The Worst Coom Noises in Drama CDs
  • Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side is an Amazing Series & No This is not a cry for help in Getting an English Patch for Tokimeki Memorial Girl’s Side 4
  • That Time I Tried Replicating Princess Debut
  • The Insanity of Host Clubs (No, Seriously)
  • Incredibly Metal Life Lessons From The Religions I Expect Them From The Least
  • My Favorite Kirby Enemies
  • Game Development Sucks (What’s New)
  • Criminally Underrated Youtube Channels
  • Tabletop DMing Shenanigans
  • Writing Exercises

I know almost half of these are rants. Truth be told, I really do want to rant less and gush more, because God knows people like me need to learn how to write how much we love something without remorse.

Another Idiot Abroad Observing Some Play-by-post Games in Japan and Korea

“Hey, give me some tickets for the Death Note musical.”

Don’t worry, I’m “another idiot”, not you.

It’s obvious that tabletop roleplay is not just a Western hobby. I’m in a fair share of games in which my friends are across the world, having me stay up at night to indulge in a few hours punching goblins until they died. I’ve also seen and participated in a few forums back when Invisionfree was a thing, faceclaiming anime characters across places hosted by other services including Proboards and Jcink. I’ve been around back when Tumblr themes and forum themes boasted having impossibly small text and so much clutter it hurts the eyes.

Following a few Japanese and Korean artists inadvertently introduced me to their own play-by-post games and some popular practices not found in most English games.

Also note that this post is not meant to be a tutorial for English-speaking users to play these games. Let’s not try to invade a space not meant to be ours.

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Death Cadenza: When I Remember Scaling Was A Thing!

World’s End Club, taken right before the game truly begins.

Believe it or not, I’m still trying to develop a visual novel. I’ve always felt weird being told that I’m a game developer now that I’ve dabbled in code, since in reality the most I’m doing is making an interactive object that brings up new words when someone clicks. To me, “game developer” holds connotations of being able to put something exciting on the Screenshot Saturday hashtag on Twitter. “Game developer” for me is someone that has a consistent schedule and drive to make things happen. “Game developers” for me are people that make fun things. I don’t think I’m meeting those qualifications I set out for myself, but I also know that I’m being unfair too.

Just like anything else that one sets their mind out to, writing up a death game isn’t easy. Writing up an excuse to involve dating mechanics in something as serious as a death game I think is even more difficult, nevermind the amount of attention that needs to be put in such a large cast of characters.

So, Death Cadenza is getting a rework in its premise, somewhat.

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An Awkward Comeback

A year ago I mentioned that I got tired of seeing all of the pessimism on sites like Twitter and Tumblr, and how I was going to use this blog for all of the different things I want to write about and sound smart for.

And then I promptly forgot about this.

I had a moment of realization that I had this website after contemplating how I could try to write out my thoughts into one huge embarrassing pseudo-essay in a place where not many could see it (“Bold of you to assume you’re popular on WordPress” one would say, but I don’t want to share the numbers I have on Twitter and Tumblr).

My thoughts go everywhere, I have a few backup Word Documents because I’d write out something long before closing it off without another care. Nowadays, however, I’m starting to feel like I should talk about all of the weird and niche things I do when my imagination runs wild. Nobody around me really cares about me ranting about Pokemon fangames in obvious alpha testing to why I’m constantly disappointed by analog horror and ARGs to doing monkey-brained typing up of visual novels no one asks for.

That’s the thing; no one asks for these things but me. Who knows, maybe someone will find me going on a weird rant and think “huh, I guess they’re pretty cool”. There’s more than a billion people on the planet, though whether or not there’s an active WordPress “community” centered around my kind of things is debatable.

Useless, I know, but I’ve got to put my thoughts down somewhere. So I’ll rev this blog up and go wild. None of it is going to sound professional, but WordPress unfortunately is the first outlet I can think of. Thanks.

I still think about mezzowrld’s ideal woman TikTok to this day…

Death Cadenza: An Exercise On Me Writing A Death Game

They’re named “Bandages” and “Glasses” because I can’t come up with good ones at the moment. It is 1AM where I’m at, writing this post. Also, I drew these.

Before Dangan Ronpa, there was almost every popular dystopian YA novel that would eventually get a movie adaptation. Before the YA novels, there was Survivor. Before that, I don’t really know what was hot during the time, and I made up everything said beforehand.

The point is, I’m sure my neighbors and my cousins twice removed have at some point wanted to write a death game, and I’m no exception. Did I mention that my current favorite “death game” game to watch a playthrough of is Your Turn To Die?

Anyway, Death Cadenza is a game I’d love to write. I’m intending for it to be short, mostly to make up for the fact that there’s a lot of different ways to approach certain plot points. All of the characters portrayed in this game will be 18 and above, and they’ll be happy to prove it with their identification.

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Let’s Talk About Guys in H!

What better way to start off an opinions/ideas/life/whatever anime-themed blog than to speak about one of the unspeakables at family dinner tables!


If people can recognize what follows after this legendary image, then they’ll know exactly what kind of H I’m talking about.

Even the URL tells me the stars have aligned.
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If people are reading this blog out of curiosity, then I apologize. I don’t really pride myself on being an authority on media, let alone someone who’s gotten high scores in their literature classes. However, I’ve gotten pretty sick of doomscrolling on Twitter and trying to make myself look just a bit more credible not linking Tumblr, so I’m here now. Call me Orange.

I have opinions, creative ideas because I’m an artist and a beginning writer, and I have a need to wax poetic on the mundane side of the world. I think this WordPress would be a great start to do so, as I can even act like I have an audience without the actual numbers. I need to word myself better, so this is also an exercise of sorts.

What’s up with “Bitter Orange Boat”? I like alliteration. I like bitter oranges and the color orange. I call this blog a “boat” than say something clever and cute like the “Tangerine Submarine” because I don’t think I’ll be as deep as any of the other, way more clever ones on this site of the internet.