Let’s Talk About Guys in H!

What better way to start off an opinions/ideas/life/whatever anime-themed blog than to speak about one of the unspeakables at family dinner tables!


If people can recognize what follows after this legendary image, then they’ll know exactly what kind of H I’m talking about.

Even the URL tells me the stars have aligned.

So, anyone that searches up “anime titties” can glean a few reoccurring themes:

  • Eyeless or faceless ugly and usually fat trolls turning some girl’s taint into an elephant ear by the amount of smashing it gets.
  • The perspective usually focuses on the girl that’s getting it. The girl is usually submissive, but on the off chance that there’s a dominant one, they’re set up as the evil and morally bankrupt kind.
  • Consent is typically dubious, otherwise it’s thrown out of the window. Take a drink every time a girl is yelled at to “take responsibility!”
  • Has titles pertaining to how corrupt the whole plot is, something along the lines of “getting destroyed”, “getting turned into a slut”, etc.

Keeping these themes in mind, as a girl who finds dubcon and noncon to be abhorrent, that means clearly hentai was made to cater specifically to my puritanical, vanilla-loving mind.

I do enjoy my fair share of quivering moans, schlopping, and dirty talk in my ears from time to time. I also like reading hentai when it’s got that good amount of cute and spicy. Why not appeal to my tastes even more by looking at R18 otome content?

…There’s a lot of CGs where the men are clothed and the lady isn’t. There’s also a lot of camera focus on the lady rather than the guy having sex with them, even if the guys have faces. This is also a personal preference but most of the guys that are shown are twinks. I draw a lot of twinks and twunks, but I need more beef!

Thus, I’ve started a lone and personal journey of sorts trying to find attractive male leads in hentai that aren’t complete steaming piles of garbage. At least, I think they aren’t. I have some specimens to talk about (and by that I mean mainly two with an honorable mention).

Rudy Reinbach or Rudy Lineback from Crowd’s Brave Soul skirts the line of satisfactory for me. He’s a brash mercenary who owns a pet dragon, and unsurprisingly in his game he runs across a handful of women who eventually develop an infatuation to him along the adventure.

Look at those proportions! He looks like he can be a decent linebacker.

I don’t know about the others, but I find Brave Souls’ artwork to be pretty clean, despite the art style and designs not exactly doing anything new for modern audiences. Originality when it comes to critique can be pretty cheap at times. However, one can at least notice how lovingly sculpted and rendered Rudy’s muscles are for a game that focuses on being able to bang the love interests.

The reason why I say that Rudy “skirts” it though is that despite those sinews and rock-solid abs, it’s easy to notice that in many of the H scenes, Rudy’s usually looking away from the camera or conveniently obscured by the heroine of choice. I get it, a lot of people including my friends tell me “Orange, the reason why there’s a lot of faceless trolls in hentai is because the readers don’t want to feel diminished in comparison seeing their waifus getting railed by a guy that’s generally better than them”. In which I say “nice, but at least I want to see the male leads getting genuinely turned on and not in a rabid creepy way”.

(Insert long rhetoric about how it’s convenient that a lot of media tries to avoid making viewers feel bad about a “superior” guy getting the girl yet instead of girls being told that they’re getting cucked, it’s more about bemoaning how they’re not like the ones on screen…)

Moving on.

The next sample is less of a particular character and more of an artist providing really good content, and is in fact the reason why I’ve started to become a lot more aware about looking for hot male leads in hentai.

I found ねむ, or commonly translated as just “nemu”, through one of the very few times twitter shows me a liked tweet that I found useful. It was a FAKKU ad for “Oni and the Fresh Peach”, which was described to be something along the lines of a “soft and wholesome hentai manga”. If I said that the description coupled with an image of an oni woman with huge boobs didn’t pique my interest, I’d be lying. I’d put the cover here, but unfortunately it’s too spicy and it’d do a huge disservice to try to censor it up since it takes most of the image. For now, have their avatar from their twitter account:

My not-so-lord and savior. Their twitter account is here.

Oh boy is Oni and the Fresh Peach a trip. The story goes like this: a childhood friend seeks to win the affections of an oni woman through being able to win at wrestling matches. Eventually he manages to prove himself not only to her, but also in the sequel where they end up consummating their marriage. It really is a sweet story…


Momomaru is gorgeous, but so are the rest of the characters. Even if it’s still a hentai, I have to give credit where credit is due for at least stepping it up with a male lead I extremely liked and cared about. If Nemu’s not working on making cute boyfriends, then they’re making the women especially great with strong personalities without them being too overbearing to come across as trying too hard to shout “look at me, aren’t I being so subversive right now!?” Also, Nemu’s really got down boobs. They make boobs look like how they should feel: soft and warm from a hard and cold world.

This is probably the most I’ll go with uploading NSFW dialogue and barenaked butts. The realities of having to take in a monster boyfriend…

Nemu particularly likes making hentai with wholesome relationships with the twist that the boyfriends are huge monsters that have a mind or two. There’s a tanuki, a tenacle monster (as shown with the above image), and even a faceless man in a suit.

I know what people might be thinking with “faceless man in a suit”. I refuse to say it.

I would gush more and actually sit down to pick apart every single bit as to why I appreciate Nemu’s work and aesthetics, but that would probably be a whole post of its own. Either way, I support Nemu’s work. If people would like to commission their own porn from Nemu, they’ve occasionally took in a Skeb request or two.

Finally, I’d like to bring up is Tobio Hakari from Magicami. There’s a SFW version for those that prefer to stay away from the spice, but there’s a version that includes NSFW scenes known as Magicami DX.

Magicami was a labor of love, from the battle systems to the lovable characters to the lovely animated H scenes.

I stole this from the TVTropes page.

Tobio’s more than just a decent guy, with him expressing enough empathy to want nothing more than the safety and care of the magical girls he has to help. In character plots he’s willing to get involved and stand up to whatever threatens his friends, and a lot of that is why certain girls fall in love with him.

He doesn’t seem like much on the surface; he has a standoffish expression with a twinky body to boot. At first I assumed he would be the edgy light novel protagonist, until I actually read more into Magicami with playthroughs. Then there was the H scenes, that revealed that he’s actually ripped underneath all of those clothes.

Tobio blushing on the right is an A+ in my book.

“Are you okay?” Wins.

That’s all I’ve got so far with hentai male leads that are pretty great, at least to me as a viewer. Again, even though if it’s clear that much of the hentai are made for specific audiences which may or may not totally include me, I do have appreciation for those that go the extra mile and actually make the H feel satisfying and rewarding.

Find out next time to see what other sort of weird content I could squeeze out for this blog!

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